On the 1-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, hundreds of protesters converged today on New York City’s financial district, with dozens reportedly arrested by the NYPD. If OWS demonstrators continue to struggle in their fight for economic equality, they must also contend with the way they are represented in the history books and mainstream media that shape public opinion. On the eve of the release of Stephen Bannon's anti-OWS doc "Occupy Unmasked" this Friday, another, more sympathetic view of Occupy can be seen in Kevin Breslin's "#whilewewatch," which examines the group as a social media juggernaut and enlivening people's movement.

As Breslin has said, “Zuccotti Park was loud, dirty, wet, cold and exhilaratingly alive with passion and energy. Intelligence, imagination, information and raw emotion ruled every second.’"

“The people in this film are genuinely decent,” added Breslin. “They all are immensely bright. They are kind, tough and loaded with the belief that this is what being an American citizen is about.”