10 Yards: Fantasy Football

10 Yards: Fantasy Football
1:30:06 | 2008

Categories: Documentary, Arts and Culture, Sports

A hilarious, offbeat and all-encompassing portrait of fantasy football, this fascinating documentary delves deep into this insanely popular phenomenon. 10 YARDS: FANTASY FOOTBALL specifically focuses on j.fred's Intergalactic Championship League, where the top prize is a box of Twinkies. As the season progresses, filmmakers Hunter Weeks and Josh Caldwell (both members of this wacked-out league) travel the country interviewing a diverse range of leagues, NFL players, commentators and the guys who started it all in 1963. From all-women's tackle football to Mexican mariachi bands, get ready for some of the best camaraderie ever in this ninety-minute fantasy sports documentary extravaganza.


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H Nelson
September 29, 2014
Not bad, this was done before FF was at it's peak. There are a lot more dedicated players and funnier stories than anything here but there are some basics of the game here. The enthusiasm of this film as well as the league itself tapers off towards the end. At most I would give this a C.
Emily Buder
September 5, 2014