203 Days

27 MINS2006NR
Bailey Barash
Michael StoneJerry NeiderJeremiah StoneKevin HuynhJessica NeiderRonald GreenJoanna GreenMay-Blossom BrownAudrey GalexKaye GreenLesy MarksElizabeth GreenCynthia AllsSarah NeiderMichael Stone IICosmoBeth Neider
203 DAYS is a documentary about one family facing the death of the matriarch. It depicts the family dynamics at work when Sarah (age 89), the terminally ill mother comes to live with Kaye, her daughter. Even with the help of hospice, both Sarah and Kaye are faced with the stress of family conflicts and daily decisions about pain management, mobility, outside assistance, and medical crises. The viewer sees how Kaye copes with each step of Sarah's decline and how both Kaye and Sarah choose to acknowledge impending death in an age where so much effort is made to distance ourselves from it. 203 DAYS reveals how critical, life-changing incidents trigger major decisions about end-of-life care for the patient and caregiver.
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