A Certain Kind of Beauty

71 MINS2006NR
Liz WithamNancy Aronie
Joel AronieRam DassGerald Blake StorrowDan AronieJosh AronieNancy Aronie
When you can't muscle your way through life, what can you do? A CERTAIN KIND OF BEAUTY is Dan Aronie's response. Dan was a model and aspiring actor when he was diagnosed with a severe form of Multiple Sclerosis at 23. At an age where most people are just starting their lives, Dan is forced to contemplate an unsure future. With the support of family and friends, what he uncovers is an inspiration inner strength - a certain kind of beauty he never knew he had. As six years pass on Martha's Vineyard, Dan undergoes profound changes, transforming agony into depth; anger into love. Told through the eyes of people closest to him, and woven together into this stunningly intimate documentary by award winning filmmakers, this film tells the story of a man who is no longer built like a rock, but whose heart could move a mountain.
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