ESPY Winner Kyle Maynard Helps Wounded Vets

7 MINS2010DocumentaryTVPG
Takashi DoscherAlex Shofner
Kyle Maynard
This excerpt from the ESPY-winning documentary A FIGHTING CHANCE provides a close-up look at wrestler Kyle Maynard's work with wounded veterans. Maynard's idea of what a human being is capable of changed forever the day he found himself in the Wounded Warrior Rehab at Walter Reed General Hospital. He was born with congenital amputation in that very hospital to a military father in whose steps he hoped to follow. After being denied a combat role because of his condition, Maynard decides to help wounded warriors learn to how adapt to their lives and bodies after combat. He uses his own experience to help these incredible people learn new ways to see purpose and joy in life after their sacrifice.
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