A Galaxy Far Far Away

64mins | 2000 | DocumentaryTVPG
Tariq Jalil
Joe Pesci, Andy Garcia, James Duval, Meat Loaf
1977, STAR WARS premieres at Mann's Chinese Theater. It triggers a pop culture phenomenon that has lasted to this day. 1999. Fans anticipate the release of Episode I, The Phantom Menace. A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY features interviews with hundreds of fans, movie executives and high profile celebrities, shedding new light on the film trilogy that has captivated generations of moviegoers. It takes us to Star Wars conventions, to nationwide premieres, into the homes of devoted fans showing off their treasures and to the box office ticket lines of die-hard fans who wait eagerly for forty-two days in the spring of 1999. The complete, often hilarious exploration of the phenomenon brings together a group of interesting, hysterical and often touching fans. Not just a movie about zealous fans, GALAXY offers new insight into the reasons these fast-paced science fiction films struck a mysterious and powerful chord amongst all the races, genders and generations.
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