A Life in Pictures: Ben Kingsley

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts' collection of profile specials, A LIFE IN PICTURES brings you the very best creative talents in the film industry. It was Sir Ben Kingsley's portrayal of Mahatma Gandhi in Lord Attenborough's Gandhi (1982) that really caught the World's attention. Earning a BAFTA film Award and an Academy Award for his lead role, Kingsley had truly arrived. Since then he has gone on to star in some of engaging films of the last 30 years from Schindler's List, Olivier Twist, Sexy Beast, The House of Sand and Fog, Shutter Island and upcoming in Martin Scorsese's Hugo. From the saviour of a nation to a demonic gangster, Sir Ben Kingsley has shown he has the ability to cast his mind to almost any role.
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