A Long Way Off



John ErringtonMichael Davis
Edie McClurgJason BurkeyDave BlamyJohn DiehlJohanna JowettZoe MyersRobert Davi
Jacob is tired of living on the family farm and submitting to his father's rules. One day he demands an early inheritance from his dad, who shockingly agrees to give it to him. So Jake heads to the big city to do things his way, without restraint. For a while, he does surprisingly well. He takes huge business risks and converts his small fortune into a big fortune, despite indulging in an extremely flamboyant lifestyle. Jake now has it all: money, ladies and prestige. But then he loses everything, and finds himself eating out of dumpsters and living in a literal pig pen. So he heads back home to work for his father, who surprises him once again by greeting him with open arms?but is it to kiss him or to kill him? Starring Jason Burkey, John Diehl, Edie McClurg and Robert Davi, A LONG WAY OFF is a modern-day version of the Prodigal Son story.
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