Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story

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Categories: Documentary, Action, Sports
1:00:31 | 2011
Documentarian Brian Gillogly tells the story of how this 15 year old girl from Brentwood almost inadvertently opened the door for women into a previously male domain, and became surfing's first feminist, inspiring future champions like Layne Beachley, who was known exclusively as Gidget until she became a household name in her own right. Gidget truly embodies the title of her father's first book "Gidget - A Little Girl With Big Dreams".


Topics: Surfing, Women's Sports, Women's Rights, Going after a Dream, Pop Culture, Extreme Sports
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elyse mckenna
elyse mckenna
December 25, 2013
Beth M.
Beth M.
December 14, 2013