Afghanistan: From Ground Zero to Ground Zero

52 MINS2002NR
Afghanistan: From Ground Zero to Ground Zero is the story of Masuda Sultan, a 23-year-old Afghan-American woman who travels back to Kandahar, Afghanistan to see what has become of her country. Masuda is delighted to see the yoke of the Taliban lifted, but horrified to find out what happened to her family.

Seeking refuge from the American bombing, a large number of her family escaped to the small village of Chowkar-karez, 60 miles north of Kandahar. On October 22, 2001 Chowkar-Karez was attacked by the American military. 41 civilians were killed. 19 of them were members of Masuda's family.

Masuda, who supports America's effort against terrorism, wants to know why her family had to die in the desert.

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