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Afghanistan Revealed

Afghanistan Revealed
41:57 | 2001

Categories: Documentary, War, Politics

Take a harrowing journey with author Sebastian Junger and photographer Reza deep into Afghanistan for the last interview with the assassinated resistance leader, Ahmed Shah Massoud. With never-before-seen footage, Afghanistan Revealed explores this war-torn country and the lives of its people as they struggle against the Taliban.
Reviews: A- 53 Fans
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Ross Irot
October 2, 2013
francis bautista
August 20, 2013
Steven Slaton
July 2, 2012
There are more of us that have family values than what you have been taught. Its not the people its politics and religion. We , the general population that you have not been taught about, will defend our God given free rights by diplomacy, which the quran cannot accept, or it WILL BE with a force of arms, if you try to take America. We had our Revolution and Civil War. We are more united on than the world realizes. Remember, you only know what the media has taught you. Yes there are some Americans who need to rethink their values, but, according to our Constitution and Bill of Rights, we will defend them too.
Farrell Redhouse
November 17, 2011
What the US needed to find its values. if it had any.
Sean Irwin
June 8, 2014
First learn how to right. Then maybe when your judging others it might be taking with more than a grain of salt. Ignorance is very unbecoming I must say. Your willingness to condemn 310 million Americans as having know value shows exactly the values with which you were raised. So just like that your rendered an imbecile. Good luck foolish one.