After the Gas Rush (Part 1)

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04:29 | 2012
AFTER THE GAS RUSH (PART 1) opens with an eye-catching aerial view of shale gas drilling sites across Pennsylvania's farmland, the battleground of shale gas drilling. We take viewers to a heated public debate where supporters of the industry face off with people fiercely against natural gas drilling near their homes. It's at this meeting we meet working mom turned anti-fracking activist, Dr. Dorothy Bassett. Bassett is at the forefront of the anti-fracking movement engulfing Pennsylvania. Journey OnEarth follows correspondent Roshini Thinakaran, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, as she reports about the people most impacted by pollution, oil spills, toxic chemicals, and communities coping with climate change across the country. 


Topics: Environment, Fascinating People, Pollution, Water, Natural Gas, Earth, Oil Spill, Toxic, Nature, Energy, Activism, Clean Energy, Pennsylvania, Fracking
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Alec Sevins
Alec Sevins
June 8, 2012
Just the physical impact of all those wells on the landscape is bad enough. Same goes for wind turbines, also.