All the Way To Paris

65mins | 1965 | ForeignTVPG
Jamie Uys
Bob Courtney, Reinet Maasdorf, Jamie Uys, Angus Neill
From the director of the award-winning 1980 smash hit The Gods Must Be Crazy, ALL THE WAY TO PARIS follows two conference delegates?one American and one Russian?who are tricked into participating in a walking race from Athens to Paris with only $5 to see them through their journey. Their trek takes them through Greece, Yugoslavia, Italy, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and France, with plenty of wacky misadventures and complications along the way. Also known as AFTER YOU, COMRADE, this transcontinental comedy was directed, produced and written by internationally renowned South African filmmaker Jamie Uys?who also stars as the Russian delegate, Igor Strogoff.
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