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Amazon: Land of the Flooded Forest

Amazon: Land of the Flooded Forest
56:47 | 1990

Categories: Documentary, Science and Environment

Journey into a tropical jungle of staggering beauty with AMAZON: LAND OF THE FLOODED FOREST, narrated by William Shatner. Here, torrential rains annually transform the dry forest floor into a watery world where some of the most extraordinary and uncommon wildlife flourish. In waters 50 feet deep, you'll encounter graceful river dolphins navigating through flooded treetops and the usually lethargic three toed sloth swimming agilely among the branches. Watch an arrowhana fish leap through the air to grab a beetle perched on a tree trunk, and meet two masterful hunters the electric eel and the notorious piranha. You'll witness the wonders of nature in what has been called "the greatest evolutionary theater in the world.


Reviews: B+ 48 Fans
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Tim Upham
January 14, 2013
The trees in the Amazon survive being flooded, because they store gases in their roots. Unlike trees in the temperate zone, when they get flooded, they die. Also, the trees in the Amazon drop their fruit into the waters of the flood, there the fish will eat them. The fish will digest the pulp, but will excrete the seeds, so when the waters recede, the seeds will germinate. A role played by birds in the temperate zone.
Maria Chavez
July 5, 2012
So humbled by this documentary on the Amazon: Land of The Flooded Forest. Why do we destroy this land that is a beyond words. I am without words.
Gus Maestrales
April 12, 2012
Joseph Bandana
November 22, 2011
Terrifying Beautiful World We Live In! YES!