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An American Beauty

An American Beauty
05:59 | 2011

Categories: Science and Environment

Referred to as part of America's hardest working wetlands, Louisiana's marshes are breathtaking, but it's a natural treasure that's disappearing at an alarming rate.

In the second episode for Journey OnEarth, we take a closer look at this unique ecosystem and examine what losing it means for us.

For decades, Ryan Lambert has built a successful business as one of Louisiana's premier recreational hunting and fishing guide. However, the way of life Ryan has known for decades is slipping through his fingers. He takes us on a tour of a unique ecosystem to show us the damage that's already been done.

TIME magazine's first Hero of the Planet, Sylvia Earle, has dedicated her life to protecting the world's marine ecosystems. She tells why these marshes are important and how losing it can impact all of us.


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