Andres No Quiere Dormir La Siesta

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Categories: Drama, Action
1:52:22 | 2011
After the accidental death of his mother, eight year old Andres has to move in with his grandmother, Olga, and his estranged father Raul. Andres, who doesn't like to take a nap, wanders curiously through the neighborhood, where an illegal detention center is hidden, something everyone knows, but no one dare mention. The boy's curiosity ultimately places him in harms way. He will come to appreciate his grandmother's strengths and understand his father's weaknesses during a single summer where is courage and fears will be tested with lasting consequences for all. ANDRES is a multi-award winning film about a boy, pushed by circumstance to come of age quickly, in order to survive.


Topics: Dysfunctional Family, Survival, Children, Fear, Death, Estranged, Illegal, Curiosity, Courage, Coming Of Age, Drama, Acción, Action
Reviews: B- 2 Fans
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Steve Coley
Steve Coley
April 14, 2014
Bone up up Central American history before you attempt to watch this terrific, muti-layered film!
Brian Zelinsky
Brian Zelinsky
October 30, 2013