Animal Farm (1999)

91mins1999Kids and FamilyPG
John Stephenson
Julia Louis-DreyfusIan HolmPatrick StewartKelsey GrammerJulia Ormond
Based on George Orwell's classic satire, this 1999 adaptation features the voice talent of Kelsey Grammer, Julia Ormond, Patrick Stewart and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. When a drunken farmer's neglect of his animals grows intolerable, the beasts run him and his wife off the land. Snowball, the pig calling the shots, changes the sign of the gate to read ?ANIMAL FARM? and paints several commandments on the side of the barn. Among them are the decrees that no animal shall sleep in beds, and all animals are equal. Life settles into a pattern: the pigs supervise; the rest of the animals work. But dissatisfaction arises when the animals are outraged to learn that the pigs are keeping all the milk and apples for themselves.
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