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Baghdad Bound: Devil Dog Diaries

Baghdad Bound: Devil Dog Diaries
1:20:57 | 2003

Categories: Documentary, History, Politics, War

Experience the full force of coalition forces in Iraq and live life on the frontlines. THE DEVIL DOG DIARIES provides a rare, inside look at life in wartime from the perspective of the young men in a battalion of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force With veteran filmmaker Gary Scurka in tow, the marines encounter ambushes and fire fights, engage in dangerous missions in cities along the way, endure sniper fire and sandstorms and lead the charge into Baghdad. Yet despite their feats, most of these Marines are young cadets straight out of high school, shipped to a far off desert to engage in a war for reasons they may not fully understand.


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November 27, 2012
Please find the definition of the word Cadet and evaluate your usage of the term. These are School of Infantry trained Marines, they may in the majority have been straight out of High School but they'll all (Infantry MOS's) have at least 5 and a 1/3rd months of Training since High School( Boot Camp and Infantry Training Battalion time) none of which makes them "cadets".