Barking Water

Barking Water
1:25:00 | 2013

Categories: Drama, Festivals, Romance

Frankie is dying. Irene hasn't forgiven him. And they are racing against time to find their way home. Frankie needs help and Irene is the one he turns to. He must go home one last time. And, like so many times before, Irene is extending herself beyond her common sense. The two set out on a journey that becomes more than getting home; confronting the past, love, understanding, and self discovery. BARKING WATER is a tale of great love that looks at what brings us all together. It's a tale of home…and what it takes to get there.


Reviews: B+ 2 Fans
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September 2, 2014
Mark Birnbaum
December 3, 2013
Johnie Matthews
February 2, 2013
Stephen G Sisco, here is a good example of a synopsis. Film made in Oklahoma, too.
Johnie Matthews
February 2, 2013
Charles Lewis Stone, watch this movie. Made in Oklahoma w/ real American Indians and their lives today. Mary Dionne I want to share this movie w/ you.