Battle for Wetzel County

Battle for Wetzel County
08:54 | 2011

Categories: Science and Environment

In the mountains of rural West Virginia, it’s a modern day gold rush. Breakthroughs in technology are allowing gas companies to tap a resource hidden deep in the earth, but at what cost? In this episode of Journey OnEarth, we're in Wetzel County to see how the Marcellus Shale energy boom is devouring precious resources locals have depended on for generations.

Journey OnEarth follows correspondent Roshini Thinakaran, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, as she reports about the people most impacted by pollution, oil spills, and toxic chemicals, as well as the communities coping with climate change across the country.

BATTLE FOR WETZEL COUNTY is the 3rd installment of an 8-part short documentary series called Journey OnEarth


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Melissa Robinson
January 21, 2012
Would this farmer be as upset if he would have owned the mineral rights, probably not! As for the picture of the water truck dumping water on the road, the water that is used for dust control and is released from these trucks is pulled from fresh water ponds, creeks, and the river and is not production water!
Tondra Crooks
June 18, 2012
That is not always true...
Melissa Robinson
June 18, 2012
Whats not always true??
Clark Fultz
December 31, 2011
I was born and raised in West Virginia. Although I no longer live there, I still think West Virginia is a beautiful state and represents an island of peacefulness and beauty in a sea of humanity(the rest of the east). I hope the State legislators can find time to bring some sanity to the Natural Gas industry and find a way to protect the way of life many folks enjoy and depend on. Maybe new legislators would be a good place to start?
Gerald Wagster
December 19, 2011
The people should be treated like Alaska's residents. Paid every year.
Tina Tordella
December 16, 2011
I was just out near Cameron, WV, in Marshall County today and the "footage" there looks very similar to that of Wetzel Co.
Vera Scroggins
December 15, 2011
excellent video showing the intense impacts and destruction of rural America from gas drilling.
Thomas Schoenle
December 10, 2011
I remember my daughter Tiffany use to always ask me why daddy? I replied most of the time cause this is the way it is. I did not have a real answer for her... / mans greed will be his undoing. I believe this in my heart. All over this globe man has raped the land. To keep the profits high shortcuts are made. On and on we go. What come to mind is this. man will not learn from his mistakes. $$$$ is his God. I pray to God most every day for his will to be done, and for me to find some understanding of his will. amen Thing is all is just the way it is suppose to be right this second. God is wanting to know who his people really are. Thus it is better to give than to recieve. Give a smile, give free work to someone who is needing Help someone out today. I have lived long enough to know a few things. In closing I have been as close to death as any man can come many times over , both from my own doing as well as uncontroled happenings, I believe in my heart God wants me to try and help others understand the basics of this thing we call life. We are all in it together. God the father thr holy ghost, with jesus son of the almighty God himself. I one believes in God then we know there is a devil. I for one do not need to read it in a book. I can feel the Holy ghost moving in my life. I have done some really bad things in my past. I have prayed for my soul. Today I wear a coat of many colors meaning I have put on some armor to protect me from the devil. cause this is just the way it is... thank you all Merry Christmas.
Brandie Richey
December 8, 2011
so saddd!
Jeff Estep
December 7, 2011
The difference between a boom town and a ghost town is just a few years.
Anne Harman
December 6, 2011
So I've never considered my home county "mountainous"--those are hills.....but it's an amazing documentary.
Gwen Justice
December 6, 2011
Please take just a very few minutes to watch this video. It reminds me of the plight of those affected by Mountain Top Removal. Unless you take the initiative to educate yourself, it is very easy to remain ignorant of the environmental issues facing our great state and its residents. I have found that very few people in my area of the state know anything at all about mountain top removal. Probably very few in Wetzel County know a whole lot about it. Don't wait until things come to your back door. Educate yourselves about issues involving your state and find out what you can do to be helpful.
Donna Mills
December 6, 2011
EVERYONE should be educated on mountain top removal. Environmental nightmare!