Beauty and the Least

Bryce Clark
Ben BanksKim HuffmanMelora Hardin
Likable loser and journalism student Ben Banks (Ben Banks, playing a fictionalized version of himself) is slacking through his 12th year at a Utah community college. But when this serial underachiever musters up the courage to ask out Amy (Mischa Barton, TV's The O.C.), a gorgeous waitress at the local java joint, she surprisingly accepts. As Ben?s feelings for her begin to grow deeper, he suddenly stumbles upon a shocking secret from her past. Now he must embark on a mission to reclaim her dignity, prove his love?and finally grow up. Co-starring Katharine Towne (HBO's Tell Me You Love Me), David Sullivan (Argo), and Melora Hardin (Amazon's Transparent), BEAUTY AND THE LEAST (subtitled "The Misadventures of Ben Banks") is an infectious romantic comedy of redemption, forgiveness and second chances.
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