Ben Prestage: No Overdubs

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03:09 | 2009
Born the son of a Mississippi sharecropper, Ben Prestage has Blues in his blood. His great-grandmother was a vaudeville musician who toured with Al Jolson. His grand mother was a boogie pianist. The result - a musical prodigy that combines traditional Blues stylings with his own home brewed style of Southern-swamp-funk that gets audiences out of their seats from young to old. Ben plays nightly all across the South, one night Ben is playing at a coffee shop in Carolina, the next at a beach bar in the Florida Keys. In this journey, we follow Prestage to Hunstville, Alabama during the Cigar Box Blues Extravaganza where Ben introduces "his band" and amasses a varied following all along the way.


Topics: Blues Music, Artist, Talent, Southern, Prodigy, Funk
Reviews: A+ 6 Fans
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