Bettie Page: The Girl in the Leopard Print Bikini

52mins | 2004 | DocumentaryTV14
She was the quintessential 1950s pinup girl?jet-black hair, sultry smile, flashing eyes and a figure that drove men wild. But there is much more to Bettie Page (1923?2008) than meets the eye. This documentary tells her fascinating story, from her small-town beginnings to her eventual resurgence in the 1980s and 1990s as a pop culture icon. Featuring the vintage films and pictures that made her an international phenomenon, BETTIE PAGE: THE GIRL IN THE LEOPARD PRINT BIKINI focuses on the life and times of the legendary model/actress, the era in which she worked, and the massive impact that her persona and career has had on the last fifty years of music, fashion, movies and sexuality. Though her time in the spotlight was relatively brief, the gorgeous young siren from Tennessee is now more popular than ever.
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