Betty Blue

116mins | 1986 | ForeignTVMA


Jean-Jacques Beineix
Clementine Celarie, Jacques Mathou, Gerard Darmon, Consuelo de Haviland
Beatrice Dalle and Jean-Hugues Anglade star in this offbeat tale of lovers whose all-consuming relationship descends into madness. Zorg (Anglade) is a thirty-something handyman living a quiet life in a remote village when he meets Betty (Dalle), a gorgeously mercurial younger woman who challenges his way of thinking. When they are not having joyously uninhibited sex, Zorg is writing his novel?an unpublished masterwork that Betty vehemently champions. But when she violently attacks Zorg's boss and burns down their shack, she leaves Zorg no choice but to join her on a series freewheeling adventures. After the couple start over in a dreamy rural town?aspiring to live a "normal" life?Betty slowly spirals into insanity. Can love prevail? Directed by renowned filmmaker Jean-Jacques Beineix, BETTY BLUE is based on the novel by Philippe Djian.
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