Beyond the Movie: Troy

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Categories: History, Arts and Culture
53:18 | 2004
No single story in western civilization has continuously inspired and intrigued more people than the Trojan tale of war and deception. But, did a place called Troy really exist? Was Homer's epic more than just an engaging story? Join us in the search for a lost world and unravel the mysteries that swirl around this ancient city. Through stunning recreations and the perspectives of international scholars, National Geographic transports you back in time as we explore the ancient legends of this fabled city.


Topics: Film Reviews, Movies About Movies, Civilization, Greek, Ancient, Reality
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Ramon Sanchez
Ramon Sanchez
March 11, 2014
is it a gray movie...
Nabil Makri
Nabil Makri
February 12, 2012
si manifike et merviyeuse