Bigger than the Beatles

82mins | 2010 | DocumentaryTVPG
Woulda? Coulda? Shoulda? Were you there? Two million people showed up to celebrate the Inauguration of Barack Obama-now you can be part of the festivities. BIGGER THAN THE BEATLES takes you to Washington, D.C., for the week of January 20, 2009. It captures the energy and spirit of that historic event as seen through the eyes of everyday people. The title comes from a high school girl from Georgia who explains why she has been standing in the freezing cold for ten hours hoping for a glimpse of the new president. Obama represented a real promise of change. That promise is frozen in time, far removed from the fire of today's harsh political realities. Bigger than the Beatles is a remembrance of those precious, happy days. It's a reminder of how powerful the political process can be. It asks the question: Is that enough for a change?
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