Black and White in Colour

Categories: Drama, Music, Foreign
59min | 1999
Vera Bílá sings like a goddess and eats like a horse. Vera Bílá loves her own family with the warmth of a fairy godmother yet treats her own parents coolly. Film director Mira Erdevicki shows the diva of Roma-Pop from all sides, warts and all. And Vera Bílá seems to have more sides than most people. The diva is full of contradictions. First Vera wears banknotes from her plunging neckline to the hem of her skirt. Later she has to hock her stereo because she's so broke. Vera gives a stunning performance at Peter Brook's fancy “Les Bouffes du Nord” theater in Paris. Then she plays the Bollywood folk queen of her own village. She rouses the townspeople to join in and become her enthusiastic backup singers. 


Topics: India, Celebrities, International, Interviews, Diva, Singer, Theater, Closed Caption
Reviews: B+ 5 Fans
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