Black Like Me

Carl Lerner
Roscoe Lee BrowneJames WhitmoreSorrell Booke
BLACK LIKE ME is the true story of a white reporter who, at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, temporarily darkened his skin so that he could experience the realities of a black man's life in the racially-segregated deep south. Based on the landmark memoir of the same name by John Howard Griffin, this controversial 1964 big-screen adaptation stars veteran character actor James Whitmore (Planet of the Apes; Tora!, Tora!, Tora!)) as Griffin. The Dallas native medically altered his pigment and, with the help of a sunlamp, reinvented himself as an itinerant black writer traveling through Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Georgia on Greyhound buses (and sometimes hitchhiking). Throughout his journey he experienced firsthand both crushing racism and the incredible life force of the African-American communities in the region. Restored in 2013, the drama also co-stars Sorrell Booke (The Dukes of Hazzard) and Roscoe Lee Browne (Babe, Logan's Run). 
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Nanking - Narrated
Nanking - Narrated
2007 | 90mins
A powerful, emotional and relevant reminder of the heartbreaking toll war takes on the innocent, this award-winning documentary tells the story of the Japanese invasion of Nanking, China, in the early days of World War II. As part of a campaign to conquer all of China, the Japanese subjected Nanking?which was then China's capital?to months of aerial bombardment, and when the city fell, the Japanese army unleashed murder and rape on a horrifying scale. In the midst of the rampage, a small group of Westerners banded together to establish a Safety Zone where over 200,000 Chinese found refuge. Unarmed, these missionaries, university professors, doctors and businessmen?including a Nazi named John Rabe?bore witness to the events, while risking their own lives to protect civilians from slaughter. The story is told through deeply moving interviews with Chinese survivors, chilling archival footage and photos, testimonies of former Japanese soldiers?and a staged reading of the Westerners' letters and diaries by Woody Harrelson, Mariel Hemingway, Jurgen Prochnow and others. NANKING is a testament to the courage and conviction of individuals who were determined to act in the face of evil and a powerful tribute to the resilience of the Chinese people?a gripping account of light in the darkest of times. This version of the film features descriptive narration for the blind and visually impaired, created by the Narrative Television Network.
Nanking - Narrated