The Black Tulip

120 MINS2012TVPG
Sonia Nassery Cole
Sonia Nassery ColeHosna TanhaSomajia RazayaBasir MujaheedWalid AminiHaji Gul Aser
Based on a true story, THE BLACK TULIP is a frightening and inspiring film about the immeasurable value of freedom and the tenacity of culture and tradition, where there is always a price. This film, Afghanistan?s official entry for the 2011 Academy Awards and shot entirely on location in the country, tells the story of the Mansouri family. After the Taliban is routed from Afghanistan in early 2001, the family seizes the new window of freedom by opening a restaurant called The Poet's Corner, where artists and poets are welcome to express themselves on a small stage. This newfound hope proves to be fleeting as lingering factions of the Taliban threaten to silence them. Conceding to the Taliban's demands goes wholly against their beliefs and for what they've fought for. Having come a long way from refuge and expatriation overseas, giving up now is not an option for this Afghan family.