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Blood Diamonds (Diamonds of War)

Blood Diamonds (Diamonds of War)
55:53 | 2003

Categories: Documentary, History

Long a symbol of love, affection, and faithfulness, the diamond is now increasingly linked with war, blood and brutality. In the diamond rich West African nation of Sierra Leone, rebels used the precious gems to bankroll a violent ten-year insurrection, leaving a terrorized population and a ravaged landscape in its wake. In this BLOOD DIAMOND documentary, National Geographic correspondents follow the trail of illicit diamonds from their origin in the muddy pits of impoverished Sierra Leone, to the pristine cobblestone streets of Antwerp, Belgium, to their final stop in the glittering display cases of New York's finest jewelry stores.


Reviews: A- 77 Fans
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Michaell Taylor User
September 29, 2013
k bunt
September 13, 2013
Ladee Sam
December 22, 2012
this is why africa need their own world bank.
Valerita Pesosita XD
October 31, 2011
right arabs and jewish people make it legal but they get all the money and profit.
Valerita Pesosita XD
October 2, 2011
hola vale.. te quiero mucho..
Tatiana Moreno
October 1, 2011
hola Taty
Ramon Espinosa
September 28, 2011
The truth being said The World still has not awake to this War of Diamonds which keeps growing with the stones go to India cleaned then to Middle East & Europe and bingo>> NY-LA-CHI-SF & all the Ladies gleam.