Blue Jean Confidential

48mins | 2007 | DocumentaryNR
Blue jeans in the last thirty years have attained such worldwide popularity that they have come to be considered an American icon. They transcend class, nationality, race, gender and culture. It was not until the late 1960s that blue jeans moved into the mass market and became the universally worn clothing item it is today. In the history of fashion, no other garment has served as an example of status ambivalence and ambiguity than blue jeans. Blue jeans have evolved from a garment associated exclusively with hard work to one associated with leisure- the first to accomplish a rather revolutionary cultural achievement--bring upper class status to a lower class garment.

Jeans are the one garment of clothing that has remained hip for over a century and has survived everything from World War II to the eighties! Jeans secret for success - their ability to constantly evolve and reinvent themselves. Without their adaptation blue jeans would have become extinct as soon as the gold rush ended. Instead - blue jeans have kept pace with the ever-changing world of industry, fashion and pop culture. Every generation and every decade has brought along its own trends, attitudes and looks.

For half a century blue jeans have helped define every youth movement, and every effort of older generations to deny the passing of youth. Fifty years ago America invented the concept of teenager, and it's no coincidence that the enduring character of blue jeans - claiming independence and the right to self-expression - can be traced to the same time.

Blue Jean Confidential takes you around the world and into the closets of the designers, the models who parade them and the obsessed who collect them by the hundreds. Denim is everywhere and designers are battling to make their creations the new "it" label.

Actresses and singers are turning into denim mavens with Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham and Jessica Simpson leading the way with their own lines. From their humble beginnings as farm wear, they are now considered the single most important piece of clothing in one's closet. Blue jeans have kept pace with the ever-changing world of industry, fashion and pop culture.

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