Bonnington Truce

In New York, they had the New York Dolls.

In Athens, they had R.E.M.

In Los Angeles they had Black Flag.

In Hattiesburg, Mississippi, they had...Bonnington Truce.

In 1979, Mississippi was getting ready to vote for Ronald Reagan. At the same time, a few guys got together and decided they were going to form a band.

But not a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band, or a Top 40 band to play the frat houses and bars. Their band. With their music.

""Bonnington Truce: An Alternative History of Mississippi"" is a rollercoaster ride through a certain time and place a little sideways from where most people go.

It's a story of how a band came to be (and not to be) in the middle of a small sleepy town in Mississippi, in the most unexpected way possible, making the most unexpected music they could, and the unexpected results. It's also about five friends getting reacquainted, 25 years later.

It's about people being themselves in a place that had trouble allowing that. It's a shaggy dog tale with as many lies as truth. But it all really happened, at least as much as we can remember.

And it's also about how you don't have to be a superstar to rock and roll.

No apologies, no regrets. But there is fried chicken."

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