Born to Lead: Jim Calhoun

57 MINS2014SportsTVPG
Chris Martens
Jim CalhounJimmy BoeheimMike KrzyzewskiRichard HamiltonRay AllenKevin Ollie
BORN TO LEAD: JIM CALHOUN is an inside look at one of the most successful and enigmatic coaches in the history of college basketball. During his forty-year career at the University of Connecticut coaching the men's team, Calhoun won 873 games and three National Championships with underdog determination, a will to win and a relentless quest for perfection. He could be profane, combative and polarizing - but also charitable and compassionate. This inspiring and informative documentary features interviews with Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim, UConn coach Kevin Ollie, former NBA all-stars Ray Allen and Richard Hamilton, and many more.
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