Born to Lead: Jim Calhoun

57mins | 2014 | SportsTVPG
Chris Martens
Jim Calhoun, Jimmy Boeheim, Mike Krzyzewski, Richard Hamilton
BORN TO LEAD: JIM CALHOUN is an inside look at one of the most successful and enigmatic coaches in the history of college basketball. During his forty-year career at the University of Connecticut coaching the men's team, Calhoun won 873 games and three National Championships with underdog determination, a will to win and a relentless quest for perfection. He could be profane, combative and polarizing?but also charitable and compassionate. This inspiring and informative documentary features interviews with Duke University coach Mike Krzyzewski, Syracuse University coach Jim Boeheim, UConn coach Kevin Ollie, former NBA all-stars Ray Allen and Richard Hamilton, and many more.
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