Boy in a Dress

3mins | 2011 | DocumentaryTVPG
Dean Hamer
Namoli Brennet
We discovered Namoli through a nationwide search for a musical contributor for our Emmy award winning PBS documentary OUT IN THE SILENCE, which follows the struggles of a gay teen growing up in rural Pennsylvania. Her powerful lyrics, poignant voice, and rich instrumentation immediately drew us in. When we invited her to perform at a local venue, her wry wit and easy rapport with the small-town audience convinced us that it was a perfect match. Brennet was born male and transitioned to female, but like many gender-variant types, she simply identifies as "trans". BOY IN A DRESS is a snapshot of the early days of her transition, and of the long process coming into her own as an indie musician. Now with six successful albums and thousands of miles of road travel under her belt, Brennet is taking her place among the luminaries of the folk-rock scene.
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