Bread Crumbs

86mins | 2011 | HorrorR
Mike Nichols
Marianne Hagan, Darbi Worley, Alana Curry, Steve Carey
We all live in a house of candy in this Hansel and Gretel-inspired slasher fairy tale. Once upon a time, aging porn star Angie Hart reluctantly agreed to make one final film at an enchanting old cabin deep in a forest. While on location, the cast and crew encounter Henry and Patti?two strange siblings who seem to live in the woods. A vicious attack during an evening shoot sends Angie and the rest of the crew into a frightened frenzy. They lock themselves into the secluded cabin, trapped by an unseen assailant. Could these two mysterious children somehow be responsible? And when handsome leading man Billy takes Patti hostage to gain leverage against the killer, it proves to be the ultimate mistake.... Eat the candy, if you dare!
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