Cathedral Park

Vincent Caldoni
Yona ProstTara WalkerRichard ToppingVincent CaldoniCassidy Slaughter-Mason
What if your secrets were movies? An independent drama shot and constructed in the style of an investigative documentary, CATHEDRAL PARK follows the discovery of a mysterious box of old 16 millimeter film by Vai, the daughter of refugees from the (fictional) country of Otisia. This prompts her to learn more about her family's past and the place from which they escaped. Her parents, Basti and Miora, risked everything to flee their small, war-torn island nation and give their unborn child a better life in the United States. Now the teenaged Vai?who is being raised by her widowed father in Portland, Oregon?and her friend Katie begin making their own documentary film to try and unravel what happened. This sets off a chain of events that bend the borders between the old world and the new, and blur the lines between reality and fiction.
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