Charlotte: A Wooden Boat Story

Charlotte: A Wooden Boat Story
1:36:00 | 2011

Categories: Action, Science and Environment

CHARLOTTE is a film about an extraordinary boatyard, the Gannon & Benjamin Marine Railway, located on the island of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Ross Gannon and Nat Benjamin established the boatyard in 1980 with the purpose of designing, building, and maintaining traditionally built wooden boats, and in the process they transformed Vineyard Haven harbor into a mecca for wooden boat owners and enthusiasts.

After a long career of designing and constructing boats for others, Nat embarks on building a 50 foot gaff rigged schooner for use by his family and friends - her name is Charlotte. Through close observation of the everyday activities of the boatyard, the film emerges as a meditation on tradition, craftsmanship, family, community, our relationship to nature, and the love of the sea.


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April 2, 2015
Great movie, amazing footage, and so contemplative. If only the job junk web player was cut out for the job of showing the film.
March 4, 2015
Charles Colenaty
December 12, 2014
Jeffrey Johnson
September 13, 2014
Stuart Arden
February 10, 2013
Simply beautiful. The film, the life, the boat.
John Robinson
September 17, 2012
wonderfull...we have many fawn memory , and some not so great they were all exciting.. our boat was (MAGGIE ANNS FREEDOM).she was a hard chime , oak frame covered with ply then fg. the story was a doctor in peoria ill. built it in the 60s we gained prpsession in the late 70s an took it tu houston tx. (clear lake ) 1450 miles by water.. ps..she was only 24 ft long an we had our 2 daughters with us, the youngest was 6 months old..thanks for the great film. another stick hippie LOL.
Kevin Rockholt
July 12, 2012
Awesome film! Craftsmanship at its finest!
Gary Bugaiski
June 25, 2012
great film these guys have been my heros for 30 yrs.
Petey Sumpter
November 29, 2011
I am very envious of the Gannon and Benjamin kids. What a great way to grow up. Awesome flick!
Nick DeMarco
November 9, 2011
great story!