Chasing Butterflies

98mins | 2009 | ComedyNR
Nina, a runaway bride, is unaware that her mother has married her fiancé in her stead, and that the two have set out to bring her back. Nina's escape lands her in a car with a joy-riding 15-year-old who is subsequently carjacked by two lovesick convicts. The teenager then encounters the bride's mother and groom and his vague description of the crooks that jacked his car leads them to believe that Nina has turned to a life of crime. The three set off after the wrong couple and all end up at a remote motel, run by a Bible-thumping divorcée. With bride, groom and mother finally reunited, one would expect a happy conclusion, but like chasing butterflies, you don't know until you open your hands to see what's there...

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