Chinatown: Immigrants In America

Each year some 20,000 Chinese immigrants arrive in New York from Taiwan and Hong Kong. Though few speak English, all know one word: "Chinatown"; the most crowded neighborhood in New York City. Tourism is the major industry, but beneath a veneer of firework-filled celebrations are a people desperately struggling against language and cultural barriers. Poverty dominates. Chinatown's dilapidated housing is the oldest in the city. Tuberculosis and diabetes rates are three times the national average. CHINATOWN: IMMIGRANTS IN AMERICA also examines the plight of illegal aliens; the elderly who are fearful of what America is doing to their traditions and to their children; the family associations; the hand laundries; the herb doctors; and the changing attitudes toward Mainland China. This documentary portrays a dignified people struggling for survival in their new homeland.
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