Close Encounters: Proof Of Alien Contact

Close Encounters: Proof Of Alien Contact
50:02 | 1999

Categories: Documentary, Science and Environment

Featuring purported proof of alien existence in the form of interviews with government scientists and astronaut Gordon Cooper, plus physical evidence from the Roswell Incident and the removal of an alien implant. CLOSE ENCOUNTERS: PROOF OF ALIEN CONTACT also includes over 250 UFOs caught on video, plus special appearances by Will Smith, Sigourney Weaver, Steven Spielberg, and more.


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April 7, 2015
Rachana Reddy
January 20, 2015
Dennis Haddox
June 11, 2014
Robert Leaver
August 18, 2013
Thomas Skelderskew
July 4, 2013
It was good for it's time -- 1999 is old news now.
Robert McDavitt
October 11, 2011
Glenn Nall
October 11, 2011
How can I doubt the existence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence when I can't explain the existence of Dennis Rodman?
Mike Homa
October 11, 2011
Cool footage of a boat with a heat lens.
Sophia Renea
October 10, 2011
They, aliens have been coming here for years and years and years - take a look at the government officials that came forward, these were soldiers operating our intercontinental ballistic missiles. So if you want credentials, do they get higher than than that? At this point the people that deny they exist are now the crazy ones. Heres the link:
Sophia Renea
October 10, 2011
If you want to know the truth go to ascencion- and Galactic Federation of The truth is that these are Angels, Cosmic Beings Archangels and the creator doing what has been documented through all times. God said to seek knowledge about him and the angels. (Spiritual knowledge). Google The Book of Knowledge :The Keys of Enoch @ or simply buy it. It is the Divine plan taking place as we speak. Be in the know. Why would he say that in the bible if there was no information available to seek. Mankind continues to rely on his on thinking and opinions. When everything that has occurred and will occur has been documented as truth. How can I make such a bold statement. Well because I have looked upon all the knowledge. (11 years of research started in 2000)Just do a search on the keywords giving in these websites. The world already knows and is on board with these activities. You guys need to catch up. The Galactic Federation of Light is the angels and cosmic beings sent to this Planet to help Earth and mankind shift. Its all in Revelation. Remember we are to live years of Peace with Jesus. Why be afraid of peace harmony and love. Also check out in Wikipedia these keywords Elohim, Cosmic beings, Archangel, Spiritual Hierarchy. Look these up why would we have a definition of who they are in detail if they did not exist.. Nothing is kept from you. I listen to daily transmissions from these Ascended Masters about every aspect of what they are doing who they are and the Divine plan from heaven for Earth and Mankind. wake up guys! And don't be afraid. We fear the things we don't understand or cannot identify with. We all identify with Jesus he is an Ascended Master and that is who is in our skies. Once your in the know the fear is no longer. Peace and Love... Gin Also go to Ascended Master Teachings. You guys are going to learn something today. If you want to see God in the clouds which precedes our contact He says in scripture you will see him in the clouds and he is coming with his angels. You don't want to misinterpret this event or miss it and end up going against angels and Jesus and our creator. Go to this: Face Seen In Cloud (VIDEO) and the Divine Plan is at this link Guys and girls God asked us to do one thing which doesn't even require any effort it is simply to make up our minds and to BELIEVE! To believe god is righteousness. Now to hear the daily transmissions search Galactic Federation of Light October? 2011 and center yesterdays date and click! You will hear a message from the Ascended masters the cosmic beings daily!