Crocodiles: Here Be Dragons

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51:01 | 1990
Measuring 16 feet long and weighing over a ton, many call the crocodile the last surviving giant of the dinosaur age. While crocodiles are one of the world's strongest and most feared predators, they are also extremely tender and protective parents. Travel to Africa's Grumeti River in Tanzania, where one of the largest croc populations thrives. Watch in suspense as a herd of thirsty wildebeest approach the crocodile infested river to drink, unaware of the cold-blooded reptiles lurking at the water's edge. In slow-motion photography, you will witness thrilling scenes as the powerful beast dominates the waterway with its huge tail and crushing jaws.


Topics: Africa, Animals, Travel, Adventure, Crocodiles, Danger, Dangerous, Nature, International, Nature Attacks
Reviews: A 16 Fans
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February 10, 2015
Don Powell
Don Powell
January 24, 2015
Richard Kiley's presentation is Superb! I will listen to this film over and over