Curious About Cuba: The Great Museums of Havana

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Categories: Arts and Culture, History
56:46 | 2008
Despite Cuba's overwhelming economic and political challenges, museums in Havana abound, from rum and revolution to cars and cigars. In fact, Old Havana itself is a museum-quality collection of historic buildings, reflecting 400 years of Spanish rule and a hundred years of revolution. Outside the museum walls are stunning public works projects focusing on cultural preservation and the restoration of Old Havana City's ancient public streets, squares, and majestic architectural structures. This living history is now being meticulously restored and transformed into apartments, schools, cafes and markets for its citizens.


Topics: Museum, Art, Havana Cuba, Modern, Architecture, Car, cigars
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Edward  Allen
Edward Allen
March 4, 2014
Sylvia María Valls
Sylvia María Valls
December 19, 2013
82% of the Cuban people were already readers back when Fidel and the "rebels" took over, according to the UNESCO... the people who talk in this film are all owned by the gov't ... one way or the other. It is a sham and a shame!
Viviane Thadal
Viviane Thadal
February 20, 2013
This app work sometimes on the iPad. It would be nice if it works all the times, because it is a great app.
Scuba Artiste
Scuba Artiste
December 27, 2012
Beautiful...makes my heart yearn to see Cuba; also makes me extraordinarily ashamed of how the U.S. has demonized Castro...makes me sick and sad.
Christina Alegria
Christina Alegria
November 30, 2012
nostalgia of a life changing trip.
Linha Do Tempo
Linha Do Tempo
October 15, 2012
Great, I really love it, muito bom documentário falando resumidamente sobre Havana de Fidel Castro.