Dakota's Pride

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Categories: Politics, Health and Food
54:11 | 2007
DAKOTA'S PRIDE is a heartwarming documentary about a father's search for the truth about Down Syndrome. Tough questions are posed to and answered by a noted Harvard Physician, and parents of children with Down Syndrome. The answers are surprising and inspiring. In addition to being informative, this documentary celebrates the successes that have been and can be achieved by individuals with Down Syndrome.


Topics: Parenting, Down Syndrome, Disabled, Faith and Inspiration, Beliefnet, Social Issues, Politics, Health, Medical, Discrimination, Prejudice, Integration, Identity, Illness, Closed Caption
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elyse mckenna
elyse mckenna
December 25, 2013
Romeaire Tobias
Romeaire Tobias
March 24, 2012
Sonya Griffin
Sonya Griffin
March 10, 2012
THANK You for sharing your story!
Ruth Koski
Ruth Koski
February 24, 2012
Very wonderful, true, heart warming film.Our daughter with Down's Syndrome is now 22 and she has taught us more than we have ever taught her. She is the center of our family and draws everyone together. We thank God that He has blessed us with her.
Birgit Niva
Birgit Niva
February 25, 2012
I'm so glad to hear this!