Dear Governor Brown

Jon Bowermaster
When you think of California, what images come to mind? Ocean? Beaches? Mountains? Healthy living? Hollywood? Beautiful people? All of these exist; they are not just stereotypes. But it is also true that California is the third-largest producer of oil and gas in the nation, with all the downsides and pollution that come with the fossil fuel industry. Drilling has been going on in California for more than one hundred years, and has left a trail of dirty air, polluted land and contaminated water up and down the Golden State. The state is currently led by four-term Governor Jerry Brown, who boasts green credentials going back to the 1970s. While he is an outspoken champion of reducing emissions that contribute to global warming, he is simultaneously a big promoter of California?s oil and gas industry. This film asks, Can you really be for both? Executive produced by Mark Ruffalo, DEAR GOVERNOR BROWN was written and directed by Jon Bowermaster.
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