Decoding Deepak



Gotham Chopra
Deepak ChopraGotham Chopra
Filmmaker and journalist Gotham Chopra embarks on a year-long road trip with his famous father in an attempt to reconcile the public spiritual icon with the private citizen. Encountering devoted disciples that range from Lady Gaga to lost souls in the red rock deserts of Sedona, Gotham begins to paint a portrait of his dad that only a son could. He then travels across the planet chronicling the guru's colorful activities, including a traditional monk ordainment in Thailand and a literal decoding of ancient family registers in rural India. Gotham also takes a closer look at the expansive spiritual empire his father has built over his 25-year career?one that initially was conceived out of Deepak's own deeply personal and spiritual dissatisfaction. What ultimately emerges is a picture of a Deepak Chopra that, while reminiscent of other popularized Indian gurus, is more dad than demigod?full of flaws, foils, intelligence and irreverence.
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