Michael Madison
Robert RuslerAlana Stewart Toshi TodaMichael MadisonChic DanielBrian McGuire
In the spirit of films such as BULLITT and TRUE ROMANCE, this heartfelt crime thriller is packed with twists and turns, a cool car and a couple on the run. When young vet Shane returns from the war, he finds that his mom has lost their home to foreclosure, so he reluctantly takes an armed courier job. Luckily his dad's classic 1967 Mustang is still in the family, and its the perfect vehicle for his new gig. Then one day on his way to pick up a large amount of cash (ultimately to be exchanged for a piece of rare art), Shane stops at a roadside diner?and meets a beautiful young woman with whom he spends the night. But his pit stop takes a turn for the worst when Shane shoots the son of a murderous gangster in self-defense. Now on the run and embroiled in a ring of art thieves, Shane must untangle a web of lies involving Japanese gangsters, an Armenian art dealer and a retired proctologist. Set against the backdrop of California's breathtaking Mojave Desert landscape, DELIVERED is an intimate tale of loss, betrayal and bittersweet revenge.
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