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29:53 | 2010
The fear of technology has always been with us as long as technology has existed. What if I'm shocked to death by this new electric light bulb of Edison's? What if robots become intelligent? What if technology turns on us one day? Many films have come into being to answer such questions. Florida filmmaker Fred Rabbath asks a slightly different question: How would we live without technology?


Topics: Technology, Computers, Media, President, Chaos
Reviews: C 5 Fans
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Chuck Diggle
Chuck Diggle
December 20, 2013
Well done, especially for the budget they had. The idea was a good one. Perhaps I just like a faster, more linear story. This one seemed to ramble just a bit and it was hard to determine if it was going somewhere. The end was a little too pat - as if it was time to end the movie and they had to come up with a quick way to wrap up. A drill? With all the destruction and death it caused? A C for the effort. There was promise in this attempt.
Celia Xavier
Celia Xavier
December 17, 2013
It's bad
Kat Turk
Kat Turk
October 8, 2013
Haunting. Depressing. Interesting.
July 24, 2013
Dan Oliver
Dan Oliver
June 25, 2013
Great concept, but execution is way too cynical for me.