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Dolphins: The Wild Side

Dolphins: The Wild Side
55:11 | 1999

Categories: Documentary, Science and Environment

Dolphins are famous for their intelligent and playful ways, but perhaps less well known is their aggressive side. Dolphins: The Wild Side follows these mammals in the wild as they fight for mating rights, hunt for food, and clash with other dolphin species.
Reviews: A- 134 Fans
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Beth M.
December 16, 2013
William Diaz
May 16, 2012
Hooray for dolphins they are wonderful and tasty creatures of the seas!
Fran Jones
January 15, 2012
Kelly 1/15/2012 HAPPY B-Day! Check this film out pretty awesome: Dolphins: The Wild Side by National Geographic. Maybe you have already seen it?
Chris Berg
December 13, 2011
Yeah, too bad that agricultural runoff is killing our oceans. Google: red tides, or ocean dead zones. Humans are like dumb bunnies, breeding, breeding, breeding until they cause a mass extinction.
William Ramsey
November 17, 2011
A very well done piece. Excellent photography. Well written narration and I enjoy listening to Stacy.
Debra Simms
November 15, 2011
take a look at the wild side.
Debra Simms
November 15, 2011
I love this... these are such beautiful creatures...they teach us so much.
Thomas Lemelin
October 8, 2011
Parmindar Irvine
October 7, 2011
fascinating - what I learnt from the dolphins is that awareness of your surroundings can help you to be cognizant of danger that is lurking --- but that doesn't mean living in a state of fear- fear has a purpose- to alert you -not paralyze you- as the dolphins teach you to live in a state of exuberant joy.
Jennifer Tan
October 6, 2011
They live in the ocean wild. If they are not aggressive, they would be starve to death. Talking about wild, we are all wild, regardless of human, dog or animal. Otherwise, why do we need laws to govern us? So do you think there is no crime even there are sets of laws out there? Are you scare when you are around a bad neighborhood?