82mins | 2010 | ThrillersTVPG


C.S. Drury
Barry McBrien, Ashley C. Williams, John Woodruff, Jon Carlo
Charming young slacker Dell Hansard is in love with beautiful Piper. He makes an impromptu proposal on a week-long camping trip, but Piper, the daughter of a wealthy business man, hesitates. On their way home they stop at a gas station, and are surprised to find signs reading "closed indefinitely due to the gas crisis." Having been away, the young couple does not realize a worldwide catastrophe has struck. They are stuck in the middle of nowhere and must now fend for their lives. They sleep at a nearby abandoned motel where a manipulative manager swindles them out of their last dollars. The crisis only worsens when a robbery takes place and they must flee on foot. They realize this is more than a crisis, and they must stick together, to survive at all.

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