Evolution of Andrew Andrews

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Categories: Comedy
1:24:26 | 2012
30-year-old Andrew Andrews (Will Klipstine) has never had a friend, unless a 3-foot rubber alien doll counts. Yet, in his quest to be a somebody, this clueless "man child" ruins a full-length feature film in one morning. When his studio mogul father exiles him from his cushy womb, Andrew must fend for himself for the first time in his life. After bankrupting a family and losing all of his remaining possessions, is it too late for Andrew to learn how to make friends, make money and even make love?  Or are some grown-ups children forever? This heartwarming, oddball comedy takes you through the pains of growing up one laugh at a time. Also starring Amy Mills, David Castagnetti and Lee Razalan


Topics: Children, Parenting, Dysfunctional Family, Funny, Money, Family Comedies, Buddy Comedies
Reviews: C+ 2 Fans
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Keith Bain
Keith Bain
December 13, 2013
November 26, 2013